My name is Andrew…

My name is Andrew Shauver. I am an Instruction and Technology Coach in mid-Michigan.

Previously, I taught high school and middle school. My class was called “geometry” but it really amounted to spatial reasoning, logic and technical literacy. I have also taught  Algebra II, physicsCalculus.

For credentials, I have a bachelors degree in secondary mathematics education from Western Michigan University. I also have a masters degree in ed leadership from the same fine institution. My experiences have created a background in multi-tiered systems of support (in the classroom level, building-wide level, and district-wide systems level), positive behavior supports, effective use of behavior and assessment data, grant management, and leadership of grade-level teams and regional professional learning networks. I am also a reader in the Orthodox Christian Church.

This blog is designed to be a launch pad for discussion on the art of teaching, effective assessment and curricula, and other issues with the education industry. Also, I will use this space to expose my students (and any other passers-by) to the many different chances to use logic and mathematical reasoning in everyday, normal experiences. It helps make the point that the second best thing in the world you can possess (aside from a selfless, loving heart that is slow to anger and quick to forgive) is a strong powerful brain, full of wisdom and seeking to understand.

Contact me if you wish at My twitter handle is “@hs_math_phys”. Also, for a better look at the work I’m doing now, feel free to check out the



3 thoughts on “My name is Andrew…

  1. I am looking forward to reading your blog. I, too, am a graduate of WMU, but way before your time (1980). I teach honors geometry in a Christian school in East Tennessee (much warmer and much less snow than Michigan.) I have also been a tech integrator for 3 years.

    • Well, thanks for stopping by. It does sound like you and I have a lot in common.

      Feel free to reach out if there’s ever anything I can do to be helpful.

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