My Journey Begins: Common Core Geometry

Glass by Joost – Used under Creative Commons Licensing – Click photo for more information

As a way of contributing to the online math education conversation, and also to journal/document my efforts for my own edification, I am going to offer for the online critique my experiences with my transition to Common Core geometry.

What might make this interesting for you, the reader, is that my colleague, Jennifer, and I (between the two of us, we teach 7 sections of our new course) are designing this course one little piece at a time from the structures to the handouts, assessments and sequencing. We will be using some resources that we find (and I will be sure to give credit where it’s due) and our school issued textbook series which does not align particularly well. We are insisting on doing as much as we can the same as each other to force us to have conversations that result in best practices.

I hope that you will offer me constructive feedback. We are trying to do our best and we are doing it for the first time. You will be learning little bits about our school and my classroom that will give you some insight into our decision-making. Thank you for your time. This is just an attempt to better…