Real or Fake #7: Jumping off a mountain into a plane

Here at thegeometryteacher, we’ve been calling out potentially fake messaging since 2011. We’ll we’ve come across another video that just makes you wonder.

It’s either awesome extreme play…

… or awesome filmmaking.

What do you think?


I do think it is more likely to be real than the snow jump luge or the sky-dive trampoline.


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Real or Fake: Batting Practice

I have fun with these.

Real or Fake #6: Batting Practice



Now, the folks in the comment sections seem convinced this is fake, but the support for their answers is a little weak. (As opposed to most comment-section heroes who usually make much more nuanced arguments.)

What say you? Real or fake?

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Real or Fake: David Beckham at the Beach

Welcome back to another edition of Real or Fake. This one, I would say, is certainly more believable than any of the earlier versions, although, that certainly doesn’t make it real.

In this video, if it is to be believed, soccer legend David Beckham puts three consecutive soccer balls into three different trash cans each located what appear to be 40ish yards away.

Check it out.

Now, I certainly don’t want to say anything to sway your judgement, but I will say really talented folks who have dedicated years to their craft are capable of some pretty remarkable things.

But, that, as with my other observation, does not make this real.

So, what say you? Real? or Fake?

Sky Dive Trampoline: Real or Fake?

It has been a while since I’ve posted an additional installment to my “Real or Fake” Collection, but when I see videos like this, I just wonder what everyone else sees when they watch it.

So, a man jumps out of a plane at several thousand feet with no parachute and slips through a 3 x 5 hole in the roof of a warehouse to land on a trampoline where a crowd of perhaps 100 wait to celebrate his victorious descent.

If this is a hoax, the sell job is pretty elaborate: the tech team on the in the control room, the steering device, the slow-motion replay… It sells well. I suppose that is why the video went viral.

But I’m not sold.

First, this stunt is awfully high-risk. Like, it either works, or the stunt man isn’t getting up.

Second, no rehearsal for this technology that is probably seriously tricky to get right. I suspect this guy would have wanted to see a trial drop with a test dummy at least once before he jumps.

I envision that first test drop going sort of like this:

Third, can some of my physics friends verify my skepticism over the meager bounce the man shows once he lands? One minute at free fall? That’s a lot of kinetic energy. A lot. That’s all I’m saying.


All right, your turn.


What do you think? Real or fake?


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