The Blessing of the Broken Tech…

2014-09-10 11.30.43.jpg

I was reminded this week of the risk of good tech. It’s easy for good tech to take on greater value that it deserves. Teachers… good teachers… sometimes remember that tech is a tool that needs to be wielded with the skill of a discerning educator in order to be effective.

And so, sometimes when the technology isn’t working right, you get a reminder that the teacher ultimately makes the decision about how a tool gets used and, thus, whether a tool is effective.

This week it was a teacher who was struggling with the audio of a video. The video was designed to accompany their math content and, under normal circumstances, there would be a temptation for the tech to BECOME the instruction for that lesson.

But then the audio broke…

So, the visual parts of the video simply became props for the teacher. She could still use the tech, but it could no longer stand alone. It was frustrating moment, to be sure, which I understand because the emergency-lesson-plan-rewrite isn’t usually the favorite moment in the life of the educator.

But, if we allow ourselves to be opportunistic and learn from all circumstances (#GrowthMindset), then we see that the technology going down can help us see the areas in which we are becoming too dependent on the tech. And then we can learn to rebalance those areas. And the constant striving for improvement is the hallmark of the type of learning we should be consistently modeling for our students.

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