4 Desmos Activities I’m adding to My Geometry Course

It’s been about 14 months since I last taught Geometry, but that hasn’t kept me from keeping a keen eye out for high-quality activities to add to My Geometry Course.

Here are the goods that I’ve found looking through the searchable offerings on Desmos.

Ryan Brown offers a nice introduction to polygons using a do-it-yourself Polygraph activity. This strikes me as a nice kick-off to an early unit in Geometry. Serves as a good vocab review. For high schoolers, it would likely serve as a nice low-entry point to Polygons and wandering around listening would give a nice window into what your students could possibly missing as you are about to embark on a new unit.

Kate Nowak offers a nice algebraic introduction at circles in her Activity-Builder offering.  I like this because the common core circles standards tend to be a little more algebraic than some of the other units, so we put it toward the end of the year as we are ramping up the students for their next challenge (which is often Algebra II). Using specific vocabulary like “proportional” and having the student drag points around the graph sets a good tone for what students can expect in a second semester circles unit.

Pizza Delivery by Scott Miller is a very interesting take on reflections. I am actually bummed that I’m not teaching Geometry any more because I’d like to see what this one looks like. You’re going to want to look at this one.

Mathy Cathy offers a nice introduction to reflections as well. I really like the questions she chooses and the tasks seem approachable as reflections are explored for the first time.

2 thoughts on “4 Desmos Activities I’m adding to My Geometry Course

    • I love that you’ve tried to attack this tricky content. You can maybe tell from my geometry course here on the blog that I’ve not yet found a recommended activity that I’m comfortable with. So, cheers to you for that!

      Do you have any student work/photos/anecdotes from putting these into play?

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