Redesigned Wedding Cake Problem with Desmos

It all started with this tweet:

I got a taste that Desmos was capable of conditional images and text and stuff. So, after I did a little of the ol’ one-man PD tinkering around with their link, I decided I wanted to try to model something. So, I figured why not Wedding Cake Problem? It’s gotten a few redesigns already, so what’s one more?

And so I created this on Desmos.

What I like about this one is that, after all this time, I believe that I have finally figured out a way to deal with the issue of the variable “frosting thickness”.

Also, I like that I was able to include the reality checking piece that the top had to be the smallest section, the middle had to be the second smallest, and the base had to be the biggest.

I encourage any feedback.

Also, I have a question for anyone who is able to answer it: Is there a way that I could make the function round up to the next whole value? I’d like the line to only snap to whole number values since the question is “how many jars of frosting will you need”? (That is, if you need 2.3 jars, you need to buy 3 jars.)


The last question received an answer by John Golden (@mathhombre) who taught me how to use the ceil() function. You can now check out the final Desmos worksheet.

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