The Escalator Problem – It’s not perfect… yet.

One of the things we try to tell teachers is that they shouldn’t let the fact that a homemade resource has an imperfection force them to not make it or post it. We say this to teachers that are interested in attempting to flip their classes all the time. If you can think of a way to support your kids when they are away from you, then do it. Imperfections be darned.

Really, there is only one way to get better at providing homemade resources to your students, and that is just to practice, practice, practice. This is a great model to show your students, as well. The learning process is one that rests on attempts and feedback. The feedback on a perfect try tends to be quite boring. The feedback on a high-quality, but imperfect try tends to be a heck of a lot more interesting.

2guys - success

The message here is not to make mistakes on purpose because it makes like interesting, but rather that we shouldn’t wait for our contribution to be perfect to make it. Active contributors form the foundation for effective collaboration.

There is a lot of value, too, even in an imperfect video or picture, even an imperfect one. The students just respond differently when there is a story, or better yet, the image or voice (or both) of their instructor in the footage.

In my own practice, there is definitely a ceiling to the quality with which I can create material. I just don’t have skill or the tools to make things perfectly.

But, let’s not let that get in the way of a good idea…

So, if I showed you this…

… which is a video of this…

2015-03-20 10.35.46

… could you answer this?

What’s your guess?

If you wanted to check your guess, what kind of math would you do?

I have a video answer, too, if you wanna check your work.

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