For the start of this school year, I am excited about…

It’s Labor Day and in Michigan that means that school starts tomorrow. Every school year comes with its own challenges. It also comes with a great deal of excitement.

I am excited to be getting a second try teaching Algebra II (which is coming in two different versions: Algebra II, the one-year version and Algebra IIA, the first year of a two-year version). The first try was clunky and unorganized. Having three sections will help as it is nice to have multiple tries at the same lesson, which wasn’t the case the first time around.

I am excited to be starting geometry again. Last year’s course got really backed up because of the incredibly intense winter that easily cost us a month’s instruction.

I am excited to (finally) make Desmos and Geogebra a regular part of my instruction. I am glad that exists. (Does anything like that exist for Geogebra?)

I am excited about the chance to explore the possibilities for student math blogging. My school’s one-to-one program makes that possible. I am very thankful for that.

I am excited to meet a new group of young people. I am also excited to get a chance to work with some students for a second year, as we worked together to learn geometry last year.

I am excited about the new teachers that we brought into our community this off-season. So far they have brought a lot of energy. Energy is nice to have around, I’ll tell ya.

I am excited for a couple of my colleagues who accepted new positions for this school year. I’d say both moved upward and in a direction that will serve them and their educational communities very well.

I am excited to roll out the math club this year at our school. Our first task will be to design and test the m&m’s project.

There is a lot to be excited about. What are you excited about? I hope to hear back from you. Drop me a comment (or a link to your own blog post).

8 thoughts on “For the start of this school year, I am excited about…

  1. Andrew – thanks for this enthusiastic post. I woke up this morning – last day of guilt-free sleeping late – a little achy (overdoing it at the gym), and hoping that all the thinking, planning and reading I have been doing this summer will magically coalesce when I return to school tomorrow. Luckily, we have 2 days of professional development and prep, so I have some ramp-up time. Our situations are remarkably similar – content-wise, anyway – I am getting a second go at Algebra II (first attempt also clunky), and a new geometry course for which I am writing the curriculum. And I have a super-motivated group of mathletes who will probably find me on Thursday and ask when our first meeting is. You’ve motivated me to write my own post (after my coffee – can’t be excited about anything until after that!). Good luck!

  2. I really loved hearing how excited you are! I’m doing a post graduate teaching qualification at the moment, and sometimes I feel like all I hear is how much teachers are dreading being back at school. You give me some hope that it can being enjoyable & exciting!

    • It better be enjoyable and exciting. Students are students, but if you can’t get excited for your own class, why should they get excited for your class. Math isn’t necessarily fun all the time, but there should always be energy in the room. It isn’t that all teachers dread going back, but when they do, bear in mind: it usually isn’t the classroom functions that cause the dread. It’s the peripheral add-ons that come with being a teacher that can, at times, make excitement and energy difficult to come by.

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