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It’s time we talked about Twitter. Actually, I’ll let my professional colleague Shauna Hedgepeth do it for me…


That person is not a salesman. She’s a teacher. Like me and like you. Question: When was the last time you heard a teacher so excited about a professional development?

Twitter is something that most district-provided, one-size-fits-all, canned professional development packages aren’t: individualized and timely. Through Twitter, an educator has the ability to reach out to people… a lot of people. A lot of people who teach what you teach. A lot of people who see what you see. That’s a lot of brainstorming…

… oh and It’s free.

I understand that Twitter has a reputation of being a sounding board for famous people’s monotonous daily blah-blah, but, well I’ll quote educator Rushton Hurley:

“If you’re Twitter feed is full of people telling you they just ate a sandwich. That’s YOUR fault. Follow people who say interesting things!”

Perfect. Twitter is what you make of it. I’m increasingly finding my professional development needs, ideas, and improvements are coming from ideas that I’ve shared on Twitter or stolen from people who have willing offered them on Twitter.

We are in an unprecedented time of connectivity and teachers don’t have to feel isolated anymore. It’s no longer a time when educators have to feel burden to come up with unique solutions to the problems that every educator faces. There’s a conversation going on right now and, well, I’ll let George Couros close this post (oh, by the way, I read this quote on Twitter.).

“Isolation is a choice educators make. If you’re isolated, you are CHOOSING not to connect.”

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