Snow Day Fever



Some kinda weather we’re having, isn’t it?

One of my colleagues posted on this facebook that today was the 8th snow day of 2014. We’ve only had 16 scheduled days of school! That is a perfect one-to-one ratio of days off to days in for the first month of 2014. As my friend Josh flatly put it: “That is not a small amount.”

Making matters more interesting is the fact that finals and semester break happen during the middle of January. So, this snow has done more than save my fuel costs. It has forced schedule updates, which has meant all sorts of other issues. 

Snow days have always caused frenzy, what with arrangement for child care, late phone calls for school employees with longer commutes, hourly employees scrambling to balance budgets missing half their hours for the month, and the like. Social media being what it is, it seems like all of those issues are being intensely reflected on (or at least vented about) these days with snow day after snow day after snow day.

Various social media thread reflect different viewpoints, of course. Many folks (mostly teachers, homemakers, and 2nd shift workers) are rejoicing with the unexpected time with their children and opportunities to catch up on chores. 

Other folks are intensely asserting that this stretch is evidence of how weak we have become as a people. This seems to carry with it the memories that many have of having to get to school in conditions every bit as bad, or worse, than these.

I will say, that it seems like school are more careful this year that in previous years. I remember driving to work in previous years with temps significantly below zero. I wonder what the windchill was on the day I took this photo?




That absolutely isn’t an implication that we should or shouldn’t be having the snow days we are having. Without question, the number of wrecks on the freeways, the significant winds, and bitter cold air are making my 40-mile commute to work completely undesirable. 

In general, I think that schools are making an emphatic statement that we are, first and foremost, concerned about the safety and well-being of students. Maybe schools are being too careful. Maybe. But, how many winters have we weathered Snowpocalypse, The Ice Storm and The Polar Vortex all before February 1st?

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