What 2012 Has Taught Me #3 – Inexact Science

Dan Meyer’s work is very well well-edited and professional. For example:

[anyqs] Double Coke from Dan Meyer on Vimeo.

Dr. James Tanton’s work is very complete, well-organized, and layered. For example:

I’m not convinced my work belongs on the same screen. For example:

2012 has taught me that it might not matter.
Certainly well-edited work is better, but should lack of time prohibit me from trying to engage my students with a video?

My expertise is nowhere near Dr. Tanton’s, but does that mean that I have nothing to offer?

Sure, I could borrow videos, and I do, but what kind of example am I being if I never offer any of my own creations for the community to hone? Plus, the students enjoy hearing the stories of how I thought of ideas and how I made the video.

2012 has taught me that there is value in the effort, because it isn’t just about the students learning, but I have much to learn as well.

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