What 2012 Has Taught Me: A multi-part series

A trip to MSU Gardens in East Lansing

A trip to MSU Gardens in East Lansing

2012 has been a very good year.

My son was born. My daughter turned 4. I turned 30. So did my wife.

I also feel like I am establishing an identity in my work. I’m an educator. This is my work. This is the work God’s given me. I can’t say whether or not I’m any good at it. There are others whose work is to evaluate me. My work is to educate young people.

I’ve been at this seven years, which isn’t very long. But thanks to the community of people I work with and my social community, who is largely made up of educators,  I am beginning to understand what I believe about education. My professors at Western Michigan have played a large role in that as well. Also, the online community that is sharing, challenging, and discussing has given me lots of ideas to bounce around.

The point of this multi-part series is to take some time to offer to the community my reflections on where these last twelve months have brought me. I have learned the power of reflection and I will close the year with that. There is also a risk that I will soapbox at times. I apologize in advance. I am still making sense of the lessons that 2012 has provided me. You can help me with that.


Thanks everyone for a great year. I wish you the very best during the holiday season and to quote the legendary Garrison Keillor:

Be well. Do good work. And keep in touch.

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