Thegeometryteacher hits 2000

thegeometryteacher has passed 2000 views

thegeometryteacher has passed 2000 views

Thanks everyone!

Thegeometryteacher blog has passed 2000 views. Now, I know that there are blogs whose posts get 2000 views every day, but none of them are written by me. This isn’t me looking for any Webby awards or anything. My blog is clearly not the most popular, nor is it going to impart the most wisdom, but my goal has been to contribute to the global conversation about education.

This has been an fascinating experiment for me. An experiment that has taught me how the social web works. I am feeling energized and excited by recent interactions. I feel like I am beginning to find my voice and I feel like you are all helping me do that. There is a fantastic conversation happening that I want to be a part of. Not because I feel like I have anything important to say, but because I want to be able to sit and listen.

Now, some stats.

This will be my 62nd post. My post on Armor Logic 2 is my most popular post followed by my post on Dr. James Tanton’s video about the Two Pancake Theorem. The Gas Pump Problem is the next most popular (significant because it was one of the first videos that I ever made for a math problem).

My first post was May 26th, 2011. It has taken a shade over 18 months to pass that milestone.

My blog has been viewed in 54 countries. After my home country (USA), the next five most numerous hits have come from India (perhaps due to my posts about Kolams here and here), The United Kingdom, The Philippines, Canada, and Brazil. This is the part that is the most fascinating for me, quite frankly.

Thanks to all my followers. Thanks for commenting, liking, and sharing what you thought was interesting. This is about me getting a chance to learn from you all. I feel like I’ve done that. I would like to keep doing it.

Thank you and I’ll see you in 18 months when I cross 4000 hits.

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