The Pay Scale Problem


photo courtesy of flikr user “buddawiggi” – used under creative commons


So, we recently earned a new contract at my workplace and it got me thinking about how pay scales work in education with the steps and the percentage increases and all sorts of stuff.

So, let’s see what we can do with this one.


photo courtesy flickr user “Victor1558” – used under creative commons

Let’s suppose that you sign a contract in which you are entering the work on step zero (education-speak for “entry level”).

The pay scale starts at $30,000 and each step increases $2000. Each year you work, you go up one step.

However, also written into the contract is a 1% raise each year that you work. So, the whole pay scale will increase 1% at each step each year.

How many years will it take for an entry-level teacher to begin a year earning a salary of $50,000?

2 thoughts on “The Pay Scale Problem

    • I like the attempt. Especially from a humble primary teacher. We “sophisticates” of secondary math often make everything way too complicated. Whereas those with less expertise often use the extremely-underrated skill of intuition.

      So, I am going to leave off the table whether you are right or wrong and, if you want, can you explain why you guessed 8 years? Did you crunch any numbers? Let me know what you think (if you want to!)

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