The Art of Geometry: My students’ first tries at Kolams

ImageI recently turned to Indian Folk Art to help my students make sense of rotational symmetry. For some, it was a time for them to get to show-off their artistic abilities. For other this was a fantastic struggle for some as they built their understanding. ImageIt was awesome to see the different levels of understanding. First the students were able to recognize the definition and make sense of the written words. Then they were asked to recognize and interpret online images for symmetric properties. Finally, they were asked to create an original rotationally symmetric piece. ImageAnd while not all of the art work captured the essence of the art of India, much of it demonstrated that the students were truly building authentic understanding of a spatial reasoning concept.ImageBottom line: I just built my own understanding. I’ve been told for years how the deepest understanding comes from having the students CREATE. It was awesome to see the process and it seems to be working.Image

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