There’s always a reason…

Photo Credit: Flikr user “Jan Tik” – some rights reserved

A many years to Michael Benson, author of “Mystery Master,” for making my job as the teacher of reasoning a heck of a lot easier.

Math and logic can be daunting (or at the very least, boring), but in the last week, my use of the Benson’s logic puzzles (found at has allowed for a lot of good conversation about how deductive reasoning (following factual guidelines to build logical conclusions) differs from inductive reasoning (basing conjectures on perceived patterns of specific examples, events or cases).

The puzzle that we solved as a class was “A Day at the Zoo“. Check it out and give it a try. There are lots of much more challenging ones on Benson’s website.

Put your experiences in the comments and if you find one that thegeometryteacher absolutely MUST try, then post it.

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