Situations that Cause Division, part II

Photo Credit: Flickr User "rob_rob2001" - Some Rights Reserved

All right, so let’s change the situation a bit. You are your two roommates get up one fall Saturday in college and head to the fridge. You open it up to notice some leftover pizza from the night before. 5 pieces. 3 people. Each wants (and quite frankly expects) an equal share of the pizza pie. So, how do you figure this one out?

A nice mathy solution would be nice, but if you have a practical solution (by practical, I mean not crunching numbers), then offer it and we will try to fasten some number-crunching to model your idea.

Post your ideas in the comments.

One thought on “Situations that Cause Division, part II

  1. This is only tangentially related to this post, but could be extremely pertinent to your geometry teaching: have you heard of the pizza theorem? It’s certainly not trivial mathematics, but the results are as recent as 2009. See

    It’s a testament to the fact that classical geometry is still relevant to mathematics today.

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