Good Game, Vol. 4: Minesweeper

Photo Credit: Jim Loy

With the world becoming increasingly Apple based, this wonderful game, which came free on every Windows-bearing computer for the last 20 years could be fading out of style, but allow me to set the record straight: As far as simple logical training goes, this game knows no parallel.

If you have never played before, it goes like this. Each box will be hiding a blank spot, a number or a mine. The object is to identify all of the mines without clicking one, which, of course, blows you up.

If you click a box with a blank spot under it, that means that there aren’t any mines touching that box. If you click a box to reveal a number, that number represents the number of mines in contact with that box. For example, if you click a box and you see a “2”, then of the 8 boxes touching that “2”, 2 of them have mines and 6 do not. The more numbers you reveal, the more clues you get.

If you don’t have a Windows computer, this seems like a pretty good link to play a Java version of the game. Also, I know that the Apple App Store has a very good free download (because I use it) to install on your iDevice.

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