Good Game, Vol. 1: Taberinos

I already talked about Taberinos in Too Smart For That Game, but I figured it deserved it’s own post.

ArmorGames produced a masterpiece in this simple, yet elegant game that takes advantage of the conservation of momentum and the laws of reflection. In this game, the object is to eliminate all of the line segments from the playing area by striking them with a little blue ball. You click to project the ball and it remains in motion until “friction” uses all initial kinetic energy, slowing the ball to a stop. You only have a limited number of shots, so the trick becomes to eliminate as many segments as possible with each shot.

I have never played past level 15, but by all evidence, it seems like one could continue playing until they lost… forever, if they are good enough.

Try the game and post your experiences, feedback and the like in the comments.

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