The Gas Pump Problem(s)

Gas Pump Problem – Clip 1 from Andrew Shauver on Vimeo.

With the swirling gas prices, this video seemed too tempting not to make. At the time that I filmed it, I was thinking of it as a simple rate of change tool.

1. How long will it take to put $20 in the tank? How much gas will they have then?

2. What is the price per gallon?

3. How much gas will be in the tank in 3 minutes?

As I thought more about it, though, this video provides opportunities to ask all sorts of different questions. For example, does the gas dispense at a constant rate? How could you test that?

What would a 5% reduction in price per gallon do to the time spent to pump $20 worth of gas? How could we verify that?

What other questions can we ask with this video? Add your question ideas to the comments.


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