An Introduction to TheGeometryTeacher

TheGeometryTeacher is live on the blogosphere. Thank you to WordPress for providing the space and thank you to my wonderful students for providing the inspiration. In addition, I need to thank Dan Carlin, who doesn’t know me and probably never will, but between his podcasts and his blog, I have learned what this new media is capable of. Also, Dan Meyer, who also doesn’t know me and probably never will, who has taken math education so far outside the box that no box is even visible.

I teach at a mid-sized public high school in SW Michigan. My school is currently in the fourth year of a one-to-one laptop program. This will be a recurring theme throughout the life of this blog as part of the purpose of this is to add dimension to my class that will be accessible and off the beaten path… a path that I suspect will not be hidden for long.

I will be using this space as an outlet to document and describe my own independent learning and to re-inspire the natural curiosity that can sometimes be absent from the typical high school classroom. (This is a conglomerate idea stolen from Mr. Meyer and Mr. Carlin whose ideas on education differ in practice, but not so much in spirit.) The goal of education is to learn. That idea is getting lost in the talks of budgets, services, unions, and resources. The discussion needs to continue to center around what we can do to create meaningful experiences that will carry our students beyond our walls.

In the weeks, months, and years to come, we will see if this does space gets does that… I will keep you posted.

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